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Overseas Applicants

By studying in Canada, you will be securing your path to a better future. But to secure that future, you have to keep your study permit up to date. If your Study Permit expires before you finish your program of study, you will need to apply for an extension.


How do you qualify to study in Canada?

Complete your requirements.

College and universities in Canada have different requirements depending on a province. Research the school that most interests you and prepare your requirements ahead.

Choose your preferred course and school.

Canada has a vast number of world-class colleges and universities that can help you reach your full potential. We suggest that you choose a school in the Designated Learning Institute (DLI) list if you have plans to work in Canada after your studies.

Take the English/French language test.

Review and pass your language test be it IELTS or CELPIP for English and TEF or TFI for French.

Apply to your chosen school.

Your school will send a Letter of Acceptance after you apply. Once you have completed the requirements including the Letter of Acceptance from your school, we will process your application for a Study Permit.

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STUDY IN CANADA! Make your dreams happen!
Study full-time, work part-time!

One of the many benefits of an International student in Canada is working part-time for up to 20 hours per week, and full-time during scheduled breaks, without a work permit.

Working while studying can help you support yourself and meet new people, all while building the connections and experience that could make you stand out in your job hunt later on.

Bring your loved ones with you, too!

Because family unification is important to Canada, you can bring your family with you when you study.

Full-time student at a recognized school or university with a valid study permit? Your spouse or common-law partner is eligible for an open work permit!

Have school-aged kids you want to bring, too? Your child may be eligible to study in Canada without a study permit FOR FREE!

All of you will have the opportunity to experience Canadian life because of the country’s generous immigration policy that allows your family to accompany you to work and study.

Canada will be your new home!

Top Five Universities in Canada for International Students
University of Toronto is Canada’s largest University that is located in Ontario. It is a public research University that ranks first place in Canada and 25th globally according to QS World University Rankings. This University offers 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs and specializes on Applied Science and Engineering. University of Toronto accepts qualified International students around the world, in fact 21% of the University’s population came from 168 countries and region.
University of Toronto
UBC is one of the top public universities in Canada that has two campuses located in Vancouver and Kelowna in Okanagan Valley. It ranks 3rd in Canada and 45th globally according and excels in a number of subjects as indicated by the QS World University Rankings by Subject, including: Geography, Mineral and Mining Engineering, and Sports-related subjects.
University of British Columbia
McGill University is a public research university located in Montreal, Quebec. It is one of Canada’s best-known institutions that ranks third in Canada and 40th globally according to QS World University Rankings. Students in McGill University is the most internationally diverse coming from over 150 countries. This university offers more than 400 programs and 95% of the University’s graduates came from the Engineering program.
McGill University
University of Alberta is also one of Canada’s top university that is located in Edmonton, Alberta. UA is known for its world-class innovative and research discoveries; it offers quality graduate and undergraduate programs and more that 100 institutes and centers. In connection to this UA has a reputation for excellence across the Humanities, Sciences, Creative Arts, Business, Engineering and Health Sciences.
University of Alberta
UdeM is Canada’s French-language public research university. With over 100,000 international students, Universite de Montreal is the 3rd most international university in Canada and one of the three foremost university research hubs in Canada.
University of Montreal
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Great Canadian universities

Canada prides itself on top universities and research institutions, recognized all around the world. This is because Canada’s educational system is based on cross-disciplinary studies, combined with teaching transferable skills and great facilities.

Accessible Canadian student visa process

Canada has a transparent, accessible visa application process for International Students. Once you have been accepted at a Canadian university, you can start applying for a Canadian student visa.

Canada has affordable tuition fees and living costs

The best thing about Canada is the fact that the average cost of studies and living expenses for international students is lower than in other top student destinations — the UK, the U.S., and Australia.

Canada has excellent Bachelor’s degrees

Enrolling in a Bachelor’s program in Canada means signing for an academic adventure where curiosity, innovation, and research are highly appreciated.

You can work and study in Canada

International students can work 20 hours per week during school semesters and up to 30 hours/week during school breaks. What’s more, if you work in the campus area, you will not need a work permit.

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